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Photo Nuts and Post is the third installation in the Photo Nuts series and it just launched!
Written by professional photographer, Neil Creek, it gives you the tools you need to make processing work for you. Even if you have experience in editing, you can always learn new tricks.
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Learn how to use Natural Light

I'm so excited!!

Digital Photography School has done it again-another great ebook has just launched!

Natural Light- Mastering a photographer's greatest tool.

As the title says - this eBook is all about learning to observe and harness natural light to take beautiful images. I was just thinking about natural light the other day and how photographers should use it more. Images just look more beautiful and natural.

I understand that sometimes it's impossible to use natural light, but when you can, wouldn't it be great to know just HOW to take advantage of it?

What's in the book:

-Learn to understand the essential qualities of natural light
-Master the technical components you’ll need to work with natural light, including exposure, metering, and the histogram
-Learn expert methods to control natural light to suit your creative needs
-Grasp the potential of harsh light, diffused light, fog, twilight, and other settings
-Learn to sculpt light, create light interplay, reveal silhouettes, and more
-Practice professional post-processing techniques to enhance natural light
-Harness the countless creative possibilities that natural light affords

Lots of detailed photos and great advice for photographers wanting to bring natural lighting into their world.

Because it’s packed with real-world advice, Mitchell has built a successful photography career by learning to harness natural light in any situation. His hard-won advice will save you years of trial and error, and help you get more from your photography, starting today.

This ebook covers all aspects of photography using natural light. It gives you the skills you need to conduct your own experiments with natural light—to breathtaking effect. Mitchell’s hands-on advice leads you from the essentials to more advanced aspects of natural-light photography. His field guide to natural light is supported by detailed case studies, tips and tricks, and clear illustrations to help you build up your skills super-fast.

Here is the great part...

You don’t need an expensive camera, high-end equipment, or stunning subjects to get real value from this ebook. Mitchell targets his advice to the photographer who wants to use natural light to maximum effect in every image they make

Wait. There's more!

It's 25% off - normally $19.99 we're launching this for 14.99!!
(for a limited time - 2 weeks)
If you were wanting to learn how to use natural light, now is a great time to purchase this!