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Friday, March 2, 2012

Photographer Spotlight-Brooke Snow

Smack my hand.
I've been bad this week with posting. I had work issues and it took my whole week. I wanted to post this on Monday, but it just didn't happen. But, I'm here now and I wanted to let you know about an awwwwesome photographer (teacher), Brooke Snow. I'm sure you've heard about her, but if you haven't, read on-even if you have-lol!
Where is home?

Northern Utah, USA.

How long have you been a photographer?

I got my first SLR in 2006 and got official about “business” in 2008.

When did you get the ah-ha moment when you knew you wanted to become a photographer?

It was a very organic process for me that seemed to just happen. No real defining moment. Moreso alarm as I looked back and thought, “how in the world did I get here?! I never aspired to be a photographer?!”. Its wonderful, but certainly not what I planned.

I define myself moreso now as a photography teacher. I love photography, but I love teaching even more.

How would you describe your style?

Photojournalistic, candid, authentic.

What is the best part of being a photographer?

That I can take really amazing photographs of my own family and plaster them all over my house and create my own art for my home.

Can you tell us what's in the bag?

I shoot with the Nikon D700, and D7000. My lenses include the 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm primes and the 70-200mm telephoto zoom.

Which lens is your favorite and why?

It used to be my 50mm and then I broke it and was forced to shoot with my other lenses. I love prime lenses the most. As for a favorite, its whatever prime fits the vision for the next shot.

Can you share some of your beautiful images with us?

Give us one way you market your business, please!

My business right now is centered on teaching online photography classes, so my “market” is world wide rather than local. Marketing has thus been a different experience than it is for reaching a local market. I advertise on a few photography websites, but the main draw for my business comes from my blog and working hard to make it a very useful resource for photographers.

As for marketing locally, I had a lot of success with a combination of things: an add in a local magazine, volunteering for charity events, old fashioned posters around town, and setting up a booth at the local farmers market where I could display my work and meet people face to face.

What advice would you like to give other photographers?

Align your life and your business around what brings you joy. There is no reason to keep doing things that don’t bring happiness. If you don’t like certain parts of your business find a way to eliminate it or outsource it to people who do like to do that part! If you don’t like to shoot newborns, or extended families, or events, or whatever it may be, there is no reason that you should offer that as an option. Freedom and progress occur when we’re energized by what we do. It can seem risky to cut out certain aspects, but every person is more effective when working in circumstances that really bring joy.

Thanks, Brooke!

Visit her here: Brooke Snow