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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Five basic props for your newborn photography

When I shot newborns, I went crazy with props. I hit up Etsy and every thrift store I could find. Looking back, I wished that I had sat back and thought about what I actually needed.

If you want to get into newborn photography, you really don't need tons of props (unless you want to!). You really just need some basic prop/items to make it work.

1. Blankets: I got real crazy with the blankets. When I was at Target (my favorite store-ever), or Walmart, I would pick up a new blanket just about visit. Now I have so many, I change up the blankets on my couches or all the beds just so I get my money's worth.
Simple blankets in a variety of colors and textures work best. I have found that Target and Gordman's have great choices.

2. Wraps: Gauze wraps are perfect to add to the session. It's probably good to have one per each blanket you have.


3. Faux Furs: Parents love fur with their newborn. That was the most asked for shot by the parents. You can use it in baskets, or on the floor. Make sure you at least have a white fur if you only get one.

You can find faux fur at your local fabric store sold by yard.

4. Hats: I probably was just as bad with hats and head bands as I was with blankets. Hats are a definite must for newborn photography-parents will ask and probably bring their own as well. Etsy is a great source for hats.

5. Baskets/Crates:  You can do a lot with baskets and crates. Many poses can be done and incorporate the blankets and furs in them. You can find them at thrift stores, garage sales and Etsy.

7. Bean Bag: Bean bags are not rally a prop, but a prop helper. They can be handy for blankets and for those signature sleepy poses. Bean bags can be found at Walmart and other stores.

Building your prop supplies can be fun and inexpensive. Get creative and just remember to buy only safe props and think of baby first!