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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Slow time

This time of the year can be slow for photographers for shooting, but don't think that your business is! Now is the time to market to clients, polish your skills, and get your plan together for 2012.

One item you should not neglect right now is your blog. It's easy to do, I know! Maybe you don't do it on purpose. Maybe you just don't know what to blog about when you don't have a new session to show off.

Here are some ideas for you to use for those slow time of the year blog posts:

Recap the year before

Go through your photos from the year and pick out your favorites. Pick your favorite genre if you want like newborns, seniors, or weddings.

Talk about your favorite vendor

Do reviews of your favorite place to shoot weddings, your favorite prop supplier, even your favorite place to eat-search engines will pick up keywords and a potential client searching for that restaurant might come across your site. Some great free advertising!

Show off your products

If you are adding new products this year (or even the products you already have), take some photos and brag about them.

Hold a contest

Two birds with one stone. Hold a contest during slow season and bring in new clients to your blog. Get creative and figure out how to use the contest require that they visit daily for a week or two, like making it an online scavenger hunt.

I hope these ideas get your creative juices rolling!


Tara said...

great post! Love it! And so true! Need to get my butt in gear!