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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Review- DIY Home Studio

When you are a photographer, you have the choice of renting a space, going to client's homes, or design a home studio.


Going to client's homes, or on-location would be the cheapest route, but can be a hassle lugging equipment, not knowing the lighting and many other surprises that may arise.

Renting Space.

Renting a space can be exciting, but very costly with added fees on top of rental fees.

Home Studio.

If you have the space, a home studio can be convenient, cost effective and stable. BUT, you still would have the cost of equipment. I have a home studio and spent almost $700 in equipment and still don't really have everything I need.

So, what if you want to have a studio, but don't want all the expenses?

Home Studio Photography may be your answer.

This ebook shows you how to put together inexpensive DIY studio equipment that works just as well (if not better) then expensive equipment.

Here are the DIY photography studio projects listed :

•The Easiest Softbox In The World
•DIY Strip Light
•The Best Softbox Ever
•Continuous Light Softbox
•Turkey Pan Beauty Dish
•Foamboard Reflector
•V Cards
•PVC Diffusion Screen
•The ‘Oh So Famous’ Cereal Snoot
•Coroplast Gridspot
•Black Straws Grid
•PVC Light Stand
•Pony Clamp Stand
•Stick In A Can
•Light Tent
•Underlight With A Cardboard Box

Will these look like crappy-did-it-yourself junk?


You will see that the projects look very professional and nothing to be embarrassed over.

Heck, I wish I knew about this book before I purchased my lighting!

There are still DIY's that I plan on making to complete my studio equipment. The instructions are easy to follow, and supplies are easily accessible at your local hardware store.

I would even recommend investing in this affordable ebook ($19.85) if you are considering renting a studio. why not save some expenses?

If you are even just thinking about getting this book, you need to pop over to DIY Photography to check out more awesome products as well!


Kimberly Gauthier said...

Thanks for sharing this great information...

If photography is more of a hobby, a home studio can be an affordable option. I write a photography blog and use my home studio more for blogging purposes than for portrait work.

I spent less than $500 on my studio set up and I have lights, backdrops & holder, and props. It's not fancy, but it works great for me.

If I choose to be more professional with my photography, then I will upgrade my lighting system, but it's great for now.

ArtisticWill Studios said...

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