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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Featured Vendor: {blissy grey}

As I mentioned awhile back, I wanted to reinvent my photography business. I wanted a whole new look and I decided to just specialize in newborns, seniors and weddings. I'm very excited to just focus and invest in these types of photography.

So, with that, I feel better about buying more newborn props!

This week's Featured Vendor is Meg York from {blissy grey}-

I sure could use some of her beautiful coccoons!

What type of product do you offer to photographers?

We’re most known for our flowered cocoons. These come in a few different colors and even some fun chunky stripes and then are completed with a large flower. The best part is that each flower comes attached to a lined alligator clip so that it can be easily removed. I love the idea of getting 2 looks out of 1 thing! We also carry our beloved ruffle blankets in a rich chocolate brown and the blissy grey cheesecloth that’s perfect for swaddling. Every now and then you’ll also find a few fun vintage pieces that I come across and know will be perfect in a photography session. It’s tough parting ways with these great finds! Also, all our items are ready to ship because I’m an impatient person and know waiting weeks is no fun.

What made you want to start this kind of business?

I think my combined love for newborn photography and knitting. I started knitting my first cocoon for fun and then thought it’s “missing something”. So then I added a flower and just kept playing with it as the ideas came until I really perfected something I was proud of and thought people might like. I get really excited to just dream up and experiment with what I really think what would compliment a photography session. Even the ruffle blankets and blissy grey cheese cloths came about one late night when I couldn’t sleep.

What is your favorite of your products?

Oh, it’s so hard to choose. Out of the cocoons I’d say the Finley is because it was the first cocoon design I had. I love the simplicity and richness of the silk flower. Then I have to say the ruffle blanket. It’s so cozy and looks great laid out or placed in a basket with a baby nestled on it.

Are you a photographer as well, or at least a photo-taking junkie?

Right now I’m just a wanna-be photographer! I love just picking up my Nikon and learning something new or improving on something else. I just can’t seem to satisfy my thirst for photography knowledge whether it be from blogs like this or books. Right now I’m reading Bryan Peterson’s “Understanding Exposure” and making it a goal to be shooting exclusively in manual by the end of summer!

Do you have a favorite photographer that you drool over their photos?

Oh, there are so many amazing photographers out there that leave me breathless. If I have to narrow it down, I’d say Mika Beth Edwards and Sheye Rosemeyer. Both can capture light like no body’s business.

What do you do like to do when you aren't running your business?

When I’m not knitting/sewing away you can find me laughing with my hubby, chasing after my lovable but very spoiled pug, embracing my Bravo tv addiction, attempting pilates, drooling over the latest pottery barn catalogue, or checking the stock market (my other job).

Any advice to someone wanting to start a business?

Find your balance. For any business I think it’s important to start off at the pace that’s right for you and get into a groove that works. For me, {blissy grey} has been a passion project. I invested almost next to nothing, took advantage of the great features has to offer, and decided that what we list in the shop is all ready to ship out. This is perfect for me because I can work at my own pace and my wonderful customers don’t have to wait weeks for their items so I’m not folding laundry knowing that such and such order has to get knitted asap. It can really be hard working out of the home and juggling business owner and wife/mom/friend so I really believe that finding your balance is important for managing your business.