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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Your first meeting

I was pleased to find out that I do my meetings with my wedding clients the proper way without even knowing it!

Do you know who Gary Fong is? He is a retired photographer turned millionaire inventor. I love this guy's products-and his advice on weddings. I had gotten away from reading his blog for awhile because I was just too busy, but one day I had some free time, so I hopped on it.

He just happened to post a video about where to seat a couple and what kind of table, etc. Things that you may not think about but has a big influence on their opinion of you as a photographer.

(For some reason, blogger isn't letting me embed the video, so Click here)

And this one too.

I always have two or three books on hand for the couple to look through. Shouldn't this be a given? I would hate to have to share a book with my husband-he's sooo slow at looking at things. lol.

I also use our kitchen table for meetings. I make sure they are as comfortable as possible. I have a whole other post on marketing your clients in your home soon to come.

These techniques can be used for any type of session meeting, not just for weddings. Isn't it funny that the littlest things can make such a big difference? What do you do during your first meetings?


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