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Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Photog Finds

I think I want to make Fridays my "Friday Photog Finds" to showcase all the awesome photography stuff out there (and there is ALOT). I could so go in debt if I got all the products that I wanted out there.

I'll start this week's find with some beautiful (and practical) photographer bags.

Have you heard of The Shootsac?

(shown with optional covers)

These were invented by Jessica Claire, who happens to be good friends with Gary Fong, who I mentioned in my last post. I wish that I had thought of this type of bag, but I'm glad she did because this is just the type of bag I need. During a shoot, I change my lens about ten times. Sometimes, I just put each lens on a different camera-I have three cameras-But that can get bulky and then I have three SD cards to deal with instead of just one.

These bags, or sacs, aren't made to replace your normal camera bag. They are equipped to hold your lens on your body so you can easily have them available instead of running back and forth to your camera bag (like I do). The Shootsac runs $179. Worth the investment!

Looove them!

If you really want to be stylish, you can get a Kelly Moore bag.

These bags are absolutely gorgeous!

They look exactly like a purse to me, which is so much nicer than those ugly black camera bags that they sell in the stores-argh! I actually have four ugly camera bags that so need to be updated to one of these beauties. They start at $159 per bag. A bit pricey, but I think you will get your money's worth.

If you are looking for a more affordable cute bag, try the Cargo Camera Bag from Built.

I like the look of this bag and at $38, if may be more of an affordable bag for beginners. This bag has extra padding to protect your glass, which is a plus. I am always worried about banging my bag against something.

Stay tuned next week for more goodies!


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