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Photo Nuts and Post is the third installation in the Photo Nuts series and it just launched!
Written by professional photographer, Neil Creek, it gives you the tools you need to make processing work for you. Even if you have experience in editing, you can always learn new tricks.
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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Finding the right photo book for your clients-in time for holidays!

Right now is the perfect time to start thinking about the holidays and your clients. Custom photo books are just the right personal gift to give a client.

As a photographer, I do a lot of photo books- a lot. I've been given the chance to try out many different photo book companies and while the books are okay, the design programs and prices aren't. Many are hard to be creative and only let you use their templates. Others are just plain confusing!

And then enters Blurb. The pricing is competitive, the quality is excellent and the program to make your photo book is user-friendly while at the same time allowing for the more detailed touch or professional to make minute changes. They have lots of different styles and they just added Planners too! Love it! This is the perfect time to get started at Blurb for the holidays.

I really stand behind Blurb and would recommend them even if they didn't have an affiliate program. They've been super good to me and they run lots of coupons, so I barely ever pay full price! They also notice when you order alot of products from them and they give you more specials. I've never felt like that from any other business.

Below are screen shots of one of my wedding books.

You can see on the bottom is all the pages. You can choose from their templates, or upload your own. I choose to make my own because of the style of books I do. Booksmart is the program you download to your computer so that if you don't have Internet, you can still work on your book, or create your own layout.


Shipping is super fast unlike other photo books I've ordered from other companies. You have the option of even faster delivery too. Perfect for getting out early for Christmas.

I've been with Blurb for probably 5 years now and I wouldn't go elsewhere. My clients love them and I use them for my personal use too. I would so be their spokeswoman if they would let me. ; )

Until then, I can let you know that if you order now from Blurb you can save 15% off! Use the code FALLTHANKS when checking out.


Debbie said...

i have tried so many of the popular sites for making photo books, i have never had any luck. they are just too complicated for me but at the same time i would love to be able to make a photo book.

i enjoyed this entry and will check out the site!!

many thanks for stoping by!!

Tamago said...

I got photo book as a wedding gift and I loved it! I agree, photo books are great personal gift. Thank you for the info about Blurb. I will go check their website!

Nancy Claeys said...

I've also used Shutterfly and they are good too!