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Photo Nuts and Post is the third installation in the Photo Nuts series and it just launched!
Written by professional photographer, Neil Creek, it gives you the tools you need to make processing work for you. Even if you have experience in editing, you can always learn new tricks.
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Going Pro-How to succeed

The other day I talked about the cost of being a photographer. Today, I want to talk about HOW to be a successful photographer.

Everyone has their tips on how to become successful. Instructor and author Vik Orenstein suggests that it's all about constant learning, community and support.

Tom Ray, a Certified Professional Photographer, wrote that you don't need schooling to become successful.

Here's a valuable tip: It's not about the talent.

There are talented photographers making tons of money (if that's how you define success) and there are talented photographers not making very much and wondering why they are not successful.

Running any small business successfully takes a lot of hard work, smart marketing ideas, and even a bit of luck. Photography is no different. Making money from your photos can be a tough business if you don't have some kind of help.

What if there were sort of a "business in a box" for photographers to help them to "go pro" with their photography? I think I found just a thing. It's actually a kit for photographers.

It contains the following:

-Going Pro: How To Make Money From Your Photography, a 91 page ebook that entails first-hand experience from Kelly Kingman to help you sell your images the way you want.

-2 hours of Audio downloads of interviews with pro photography experts Susannah Conway, Charles Borst, Suzanne Sease, and Christina Villaflors.

-Getting Published in Photography Magazines, a 28-page practical primer on getting your photos published, by DPS pro Mitchell Kanashkevich.

My favorite is the audio! A ton of valuable information:

Susannah Conway (photography teacher and author) – shares her story about how blogging kicked off a full-time business teaching people about photography online
Charles Borst (Director of Photography, Education Week) – lets us know what he looks for in a photographer and advice on developing your style
Suzanne Sease (photography marketing consultant) – gives expert tips on creating a great portfolio and getting it in front of the right people
Christina Villaflor (art producer at TBWA ad agency) – shares her insights into how agencies work and the tips you need to meet with art directors

These audios give you advice on different marketing directions that you don't really read about on photography blogs.

I know there are a lot of photography help ebooks and print books out there these days and they all seem to cost a fortune. That's why I wanted to let you know about this kit today. They are running a special for the next two weeks.

This kit will have a regular price of just $49.99 but to celebrate its launch they are offering it for $29.99 – that’s 40% off.

So, if you are looking for help, now is the best time to get some-at an affordable cost!
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