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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Inspire yourself! Give yourself a photography assignment.

Same ole, same ole when it comes to what you shoot? It can get pretty boring going to the same parks, the same streets, seeing the same crowd every day. Don't you wish you could just pack up and go on some vacation to an exotic place and give yourself a fresh backdrop?

If you are like me (and most people), you probably aren't in a position to do so at a drop of a hat. But, you can still get excited about being in your own neighborhood.

Give yourself a photo assignment!

Assign yourself a daily, or monthly project to give yourself a reason to "wake-up" your photography creativity without having to buy an expensive plane ticket.

Planning a photo assignment is not as hard as you think.Give yourself the title "photo-journalist" and  plan a day to tell a story of your surroundings. Go to your local museum that you've been to hundreds of times before and this time tell a story with your photos.

Another way to assign yourself a project could be as easy as picking a theme for your walk. You might decide to shoot only patterns for the week. Shooting different textures, pick a color, or try only shooting dogs at your local parks.

Thinking up project ideas can be just as fun as doing them!

Consider bringing along a photographer friend for added inspiration. If you want to be apart of a bigger group, try some online group projects such as the 365 day project if you want to commit to an every day project. There is also the 52-week project.  Only make these commitments if you know you can have fun with them. After all, we don't want it to become a "job".

Do you get the idea of creating assignments for yourself? It's a way to see with new eyes and fall in love with your surroundings all over again.

Have fun with it!

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rainfield61 said...

A crazy people like me will not get bored shooting mushrooms.
Only when mushrooms disappear during dry season, I get bored.