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Monday, April 21, 2014

Using Colors Effectively in Photography

As with all photography you must always think before you shoot an image. Make sure you take  time to ponder what you intend to achieve. Color can be an important part of how a photo will turn out. Decide how you want to include color and how to use it. 

Using one color

Use this technique to achieve a bold photo. When you isolate a color, you create images that are bold and dramatic. Get closer to the subject to make the color the focal point. 

Color is as much a part of visual communication as composition or light – but you need to learn to see and understand it. 

In this photo, I wanted his blue shirt to be bold and stand out as the focal point of the photo.

                                                     (my submission for Blue Monday)

Be careful of light

Light can change the how look of a photo. A cloudy day can make colors more enriching, while morning light can give a warmer look. Be aware of light quality when deciding when you want to shoot.

Want to learn more about color? 

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Is Captivating Color for You?

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Smiling Sally

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HansHB said...

A great BM post!
Well done!

SmilingSally said...

You certainly showed that blue shirt.Thanks for sharing.

I'm looking forward to reading your comment on my blue post. Please come back.

Have a Happy Blue Monday!

Karen said...

That's a vivid blue!

abrianna said...

The photo does bring out the vibrant blue of the shirt.

Leovi said...

Lovely picture, a big jump in blue!

Jake Austria said...

Very impormative post Thanks for posting this :)