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Photo Nuts and Post is the third installation in the Photo Nuts series and it just launched!
Written by professional photographer, Neil Creek, it gives you the tools you need to make processing work for you. Even if you have experience in editing, you can always learn new tricks.
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Photog Finds

Have you ever gone to a workshop or online seminar?As photographers, we can always use some additional training, marketing advice, or if you are a newbie, you may need every kind of help. I've often thought about signing up for a workshop I see on the web to learn something new.

This week's Friday Photog Finds is all about photography training. These are some places I thought were interesting, I've used, or would like to. Feel free to check them out and let me know what you think!


Small Strobes, Big Results

June 19 - June 25, 2011

Location: Santa Fe
Instructor: David X. Tejada
Tuition: $1,095

Lectures, demonstrations, and critiques in the morning; the remainder of the day is spent practicing lighting techniques in the studio and on location around Santa Fe. Participants leave this workshop with confidence in their new lighting skills and with a strong foundation for developing their own lighting techniques and style.



Jodie Otte Workshop
Location: Baltimore Maryland
Instructor: Jodie Otte


Instructor basically covers using lighting to achieve natural lighting look. She also covers post processing, business, and commercial photography. She also includes her book-good deal! Check out her studio photos-you'll die of envy!

She doesn't always offer her workshops, but you can still purchase her book, Studio Lighting Naturally for $395.
Way cheaper then the workshop and you don't have to travel!


Member site/Workshops/Books


Owner: Ana Brandt:
Prices: Varies
Workshop Locations: Varies.


This is an awesome source!Ana Brandt is a well known baby photographer. Her online magazine is full of great information and she has a variety of learning sources. You can sign up for a workshop, become a lifetime member, purchase one of her books, or just read her magazine (blog). If you are interested in newborn photography, you have to check this site out!



Jasmine Star-Building Your Wedding Photography Business

Instructor: Jasmine Star
Price: $99-already started, but you can watch the videos for free that they have on the site,
Location: Online (videos)


If you do wedding photography, you might know about Jasmine Star. She is a well known wedding photographer and awesome! I stalk her blog and website to get great pointers and ideas for my weddings. I love to find sites that interview her,or when she does something like this. Google her name to find when she will be a guest on photography info sites.


Learning is fun-I hope you can use one of these sources to further your photography skills!