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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What's in store for you

First of all, I wanted to say thanks to all my readers for visiting my blog and I hope that you will continue to visit-I have big plans for the future! To help celebrate this launch, I am hosting a huge giveaway tomorrow!! I have some great sponsors with great products to give and a special for EVERYONE that enters! So, please stop by tomorrow and enter-you won't be sorry!

On another note: I have been in business for over three years now and the colors that I chose for my brand were red, black and white. I basically kept my logo the same as well.

Here is my logo:

I've been fine with it, but lately, I've been itching for a change. I know we've been told to keep your branding the way it is so people will identify with it but I REALLY want a change. So, I think I want to take the risk and redo my business look. I'm thinking about hot pink and black. I think it stands out and is bold. So, I'll be designing some logos and see what you think!

I also am starting a weekly photo assignment this weekend with a weekly prize.

So, please check back for all the fun!


Julie and Liz said...

Great site! Please check out ours at

L. said...

Looking forward to seeing what's in store!

Kimberly Gauthier said...

I've you've noticed my logo, then you know I'm a fan of pink; brown-pink (or is it pink-brown?). I love hot pink and toyed with the idea of doing hot pink, black and white as my logo - but felt, at the time, that I was being too influenced by Sex in the City, which I was falling in love with again at that time.

So I stuck with the colors that represented me and found a logo designer who turned that into a gorgeous picture.

I'm so excited to see what you do with these great colors.

Amie said...

I really enjoy learning more about photography and I love your blog. I wanted to let you know I'm awarding you the Stylish Blogger Award. To learn more check out my blog.